The Art of Appointment Setting

Nothing can replace the sound of a friendly voice when a customer calls your business. A professional and tested process ensures you maximize every opportunity. Dedicated agents follow proven data driven scripts making sure every phone up is handled properly as we nurture them through the sales funnel. We have perfected the process of getting the customer off the couch and into your dealership.

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Inbound Calls

We specialize in answering the phones for Direct Mail campaigns. Car Dealers, Ad Agencies, Printers and Direct Mail companies choose Live Call Pro to answer calls for their direct mail campaigns.

Campaign Types

Event Style Prize Driven Campaigns. Buyback and Trade In Campaigns. Subprime Campaigns.

Dedicated Agents

Our highly skilled and trained agents ensure each call will be met with a friendly and knowledgeable voice. A friendly and upbeat agent experience has proven to increase campaign performance.

Smart/Live Transfer

Appointments/ Callers with special questions or needs can be transferred to one of your salespeople or product specialists to ensure every call is maximized.

Conditional Questions

Specific proven scripts for each type of campaign and continued QA testing allows the performance to improve as we answer each call.

Lead Tracking Dashboard

We use the industry's leading tracking and analytics dashboard for all campaigns

3rd Party Integrations

Push leads into any CRM, making it easy to handle within your existing sales process, and also assign the leads to the proper source.

Web Leads

We call it "Speed to Lead". When a potential customer fills out a form on your website the urgency to contact that prospect immediately needs to be paramount. 7 seconds after the customer hits submit their phone is ringing and a friendly Live Call Pro agent is on the line ready to answer questions and move them through the sales funnel.

Equity Mining Calls

The magic is in the scripting. Dedicated agents and proven and tested scripts are crucial as we identify the HOTTEST PROSPECTS in your CRM. We know that customers in the right position to trade yield the highest ROI.

Sales/Service Follow up and CSI

Follow up calls have proven to dramatically increase CSI and customer loyalty. Ensure that your team is handling each prospect and customer the proper way. They say "inspect what you expect". Develop specific questions that will give you insight into sales and service.

Live Call Pro call center has made a huge difference in the amount of appointments we are able to set. Their agents are friendly and knowledgeable on the automotive industry, and most importantly, they are able to get lots of people in the door.

Ray Martin, Automotive Experts

Live Call Pro has been a valuable addition to our direct mail campaigns. It has increased the showroom ups by 30% since we started using their service.

Greg Meerbaum, Coastal Media

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